Are you paying too much in property taxes?   

Our county assessors determine our property tax burden based on an ad valorem assessment of the property's value. They arrive at your property value by way of mass appraisals. If your property information with the assessor is incorrect it will affect the amount of taxes you pay. Sometimes, matters like this can be solved with a phone call. If you are dissatisfied with the response of your local taxing authority, an independent third-party appraiser is often your best option in proving your case.

Typically the best time for an assessment appeal is after a large decline in the housing market. The county will typically lower assessment values during declines, but may not reflect the full market decline. An appraisal can provide the support you need to lower your tax bill.

But sometimes several new housing tracts move into your neighborhood. Your older home may have lower sale prices than these newer developments, but their proximity raises your assessed value.


Call Newport Appraisal Specialist LLC and put our experience to work for you when challenging your property tax assessment in Orange County.


What is the process? 

Consider activity in your neighborhood and compare that to your assessed value on your property tax statement. If you believe your assessed value is high, contact us to complete an appraisal to determine market value based on January 1 of the tax year you want to appeal. The next step is to complete your application for appeal and submit it to the Clerk of the Board. It will then be scheduled on a calendar before an Assessment Appeals Board or Hearing Officer. At this time you will present your evidence and the appraisal challenging the Assessor's enrolled value. Bring 6 copies of your evidence for an Appeal Board and 4 copies for a Hearing officer. The Assessor will also have an opportunity to present evidence supporting his enrolled value. The Assessment Appeals Board or Hearing Officer may announce their decision at the end of the hearing or notify you of their decision by mail. No attorney is required to submit an appeal.

The Orange County Assessor's Office notes deadlines for filing as July 2 to November 30 of each year at 5:00 pm for your standard assessment. Supplemental/Roll Correction Appeals and Escape Appeals must be filed 60 days from the date of notice. Calamity Appeals must be filed 6 months from the date of the calamity reassessment notice.

For more information check out the OC Clerk of the Board website or FAQs page. The Los Angeles County appeal information is located at the Assessment Appeals Board. Riverside County is on the Riverside County Clerk of the Board website. San Bernardino County appeals are made through the Clerk of the Board